Unobtainable Items Add-on

Unobtainable Items Add-on
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This addon lets you access some blocks which exist in-game but have for different reasons been made inaccessible. For example, some of the blocks are part of a feature which no longer exists in the game. The way that you can get these blocks are by killing a few different types of mobs which will now drop these blocks.

How does it work?

Four of the mobs in-game will now drop some new blocks which previously existed in-game but was inaccessible. Here is a list of the blocks you can obtain.

  • Invisible Bedrock – Dropped by the wither boss
  • Stained Glass Blocks – Dropped by sheep (requires a stained glass addon)
  • End Gateway – Dropped by the enderman
  • Nether Reactor, Glowing Obsidian – Dropped by the zombie pigman
  • Portal Block – Dropped by zombie pigman if killing it with an enchanted looting sword

How to install Minecraft Pocket Edition hacks & mods:

  1. Download Resource
  2. Download Behavior
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

Download links Unobtainable Items Add-on:

for minecraft PE:

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Creator: Allan1905, Twitter Account

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