PocketDecoration Mod for Pocket Edition

PocketDecoration Mod for Pocket Edition download

The PocketDecoration Mod adds 30 furniture and 16 colored stained glass blocks. Some of the decorations include a doorbell, plenty of kitchen furniture and a fully functional TV. It’s the perfect addition if you want to decorate your home with some furniture to make it look more realistic. How to get the decorations? All of the furnitures and decorations can […]

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Nether Villages Mod for Pocket Edition

Nether Villages is a new concept or idea which recently surfaced in the Minecraft Pocket Edition community on Twitter. It’s a really clever idea which brings some more exploration opportunities to the Nether and now someone decided to create a mod adding this to the game. It’s currently in an early stage of development and that explains why it’s still very basic. […]

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Survival Essentials Mod for Pocket Edition

Survival Essentials Mod for Pocket Edition download

Survival Essentials adds accessibility to a bunch of features which can improve your survival gameplay. It’s like a cheat menu specifically designed for survival. For example, give yourself food items, a diamond kit or toggle fly mode on and off. You can of course use it in creative mode but some features, like giving yourself food, is obviously less useful in […]

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