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OptiFine HD Mod for MineCraft 1.8.8/1.9/1.9.4

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This mod has not been updated to work with Minecraft 1.9 yet, but the developer is only waiting for an update to MCP, which is a useful tool for organizing and activating/deactivating installed Minecraft mods. Until these updates are released, Optifine HD mod will still work well with any version of Minecraft 1.9, and there are older versions of this mod if you’re the type who likes to play older versions of Minecraft, before many new elements were introduced to the game.

Optifine HD for 1.9.4

After this, Minecraft may not be much to look at, but that’s really not a big deal when you consider how blocky the game is anyhow. With Optifine HD mod, it’s possible to enjoy Minecraft even on older computers.

Optifine HD Mod for Minecraft 1.9.4, 1.9 and 1.8.9 Changelogs

  • Update and fix many bugs!

How to install Optifine HD Mod?

  1. Download the mod jar file.
  2. Just open with Java and click on “Install” button!

OptiFine HD Ultra download links:

Minecraft 1.9.4

OptiFine 1.9.4 HD U B4 Download 2016-05-19

Minecraft 1.9.2

OptiFine 1.9.2 HD U B1 Download 2016-04-02

Minecraft 1.9.0

OptiFine 1.9.0 HD U B1 Download 2016-03-26

Minecraft 1.8.9

OptiFine 1.8.9 HD U H5 Download 2016-03-20

Minecraft 1.8.8

OptiFine 1.8.8 HD U F5 Download 2015-10-28
OptiFine 1.8.8 HD U F3 Download 2015-09-02
OptiFine 1.8.8 HD U E2 Download 2015-08-18
OptiFine 1.8.8 HD U E1 Download 2015-01-18


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