MineCraft Spigot server

MineCraft Spigot server
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What is it?

Simply put, Spigot is it. Spigot is the most widely-used modded Minecraft server software in the world. It powers many of the top Minecraft server networks around to ensure they can cope with their huge player base and ensure the satisfaction of their players. Spigot works by reducing and eliminating many causes of lag, as well as adding in handy features and settings that help make your job of server administration easier. The end result is that your server becomes a cut above the competition and you no longer have to spend time tearing your hair out over players complaining of lag.

It must also be added that Spigot is perfect for smaller servers too, especially due to features like cutting idle CPU usage, saving power, and other resources when only a few or no players are online.

How does it work?
Spigot started as a modification of the original CraftBukkit project, just made more efficient. Now, Spigot is an implementation and continuation of the Bukkit API which has been the leading API for Minecraft servers since 2010. Fortunately for you, this also means most plugins originally developed for CraftBukkit are reverse-compatible with Spigot! It is a huge collection of various tweaks to help increase performance, and make it more flexible as server software. Additionally, several important zero-day patches in Minecraft are implemented inside of Spigot before they are applied to the vanilla Minecraft software by Mojang.

This list only mentions some of the most significant features inside of Spigot, but it does not represent everything that Spigot does. Spigot is updated on a regular basis with several unique features… just give it a try for yourself!

  • TPS increases
  • Optimized growth, decay, and chunk ticking
  • Reverse compatibility with CraftBukkit plugins
  • Designed to function optionally as a BungeeCord node
  • Auto stack merging for items and experience orbs
  • Chunk garbage collector to prevent chunk leaks
  • Automatic conversion between offline mode to online mode without losing player data
  • Configurable messages for many vanilla / Bukkit messages (e.g. whitelisting, permissions, etc.)
  • Disabling of random light updates
  • Built-in, optimized anti x-ray (Orebfuscator)
  • Efficient Netty networking engine
  • Smart crash and hang detection / prevention
  • Entity activation and tracking ranges to ensure client-side and server-side resources are only used when needed
  • Prevent server load caused by maps in item frames
  • Automatic restarts upon a server crash
  • Automatically stays up-to-date with the latest CraftBukkit changes
  • Ability to disable TAB command complete
  • Customization over what the console logs (e.g. command block output)
  • Fine control over crop growth rates, chunks, and ticks
  • Optimized tick loop
  • Memory-reducing nibble arrays
  • More accurate benchmark timings reports
  • Configurable chunk packet sending
  • Threaded chunk compression


If your server is managed poorly, Spigot will have little to no benefit.
Please ensure that you always use stable, up to date plugins and
your server is not mismanaged, but taken care of.


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