Minecraft Snapshot 19w06a

Minecraft Snapshot 19w06a

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This week’s snapshot is a small one, but it brings a fancy new splash screen! Start up the snapshot and you’ll find out right away.


  • Added a new splash screen and slightly improved startup time
  • Updated LWJGL to 3.2.1
  • Particles are now broken up into individual textures rather than being in particles.png
    • This breaks resource packs right now but we’re working on a way to still be able to load old resource packs
  • Adjustments to the Wandering Trader
  • New optional tag for block items: BlockStateTag
    • Contains map of block state properties to be overwritten after block is placed (note: item model is not affected).
  • Fixed bugs


  • MC-11532 – Empty map is consumed upon right-clicking in creative
  • MC-90523 – falling_block entity floating on fences/walls
  • MC-114561 – Baby mobs can grow while dying
  • MC-119808 – Minecarts drop their items offset in the positive direction
  • MC-126302 – Game freezes if splash text 231 is the only one in splashes.txt
  • MC-136400 – ‘Serious Dedication’ advancement not given when using up diamond hoe
  • MC-138389 – Slime balls sneezed by pandas cannot be picked up
  • MC-138617 – Jungle Pyramids not spawning in bamboo jungle
  • MC-139477 – Ravager falls with NoAI:1
  • MC-140009 – Pandas can eat while swimming
  • MC-140240 – plains_big_house_1 in new plains villages is missing a floor
  • MC-140286 – Village stair not connecting
  • MC-140698 – The snowy_small_house_7 house from new snowy villages is missing a light source
  • MC-140703 – Weaponsmith building catches fire
  • MC-140710 – Pillagers require skylight to spawn from spawners
  • MC-140759 – Some of the new village structures are missing a jigsaw block
  • MC-140940 – Procedurally generated bells in Villagers do not connect to blocks correctly
  • MC-140985 – Scheduled ticks get lost when leaving chunks (Redstone components get stuck)
  • MC-141823 – End gateways on the main end island take you to a tiny island
  • MC-141940 – Crafting table shows campfire and stonecutter recipes
  • MC-142655 – Client crashes when opening resolved book on lectern containing malformed text components
  • MC-142893 – Magma cube riding zombie causes crash in lava
  • MC-142916 – Recipe toasts for stonecutter use crafting table icon
  • MC-142958 – Water disappears when placed on double slab
  • MC-143069 – An armor stand which is Marker:1b doesn’t collide with a block
  • MC-143347 – Ravager spawn egg is not sorted alphabetically within the spawn egg list
  • MC-143350 – Wandering trader subtitle missing; shows translation string
  • MC-143351 – Item frames and leash knots appear at the wrong location
  • MC-143354 – Filling a composter is silent


To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Launch Options” tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar: Minecraft server jar