Minecraft Snapshot 18w08b

Minecraft Snapshot 18w08b

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This week’s snapshot is mostly to help prepare for a really cool snapshot coming your way soon. That’s right – it’s a snapshot snapshot!


  • The game shouldn’t crash when joining multiplayer!
  • Split the ocean into 10 different biomes!
  • Added underwater caves & ravines
  • Added a clickable link to the /locate command output


  • Added actual fish!
  • The game shouldn’t crash when joining multiplayer! Again!
  • Changed natural water visibility
  • Removed water visibility part of the Water Breathing potion & Respiration enchantment
  • Warm and lukewarm oceans now have sand floors
  • Added recipes to turn dried kelp into storage blocks and back again
  • Removed deep warm ocean biomes, warm oceans can only be shallow now
  • Added new fish item icons!


We didn’t want to stop at seven seas.

  • Oceans are now split into 5 temperatures: frozen, cold, normal, lukewarm, warm
  • Each ocean (except for warm) has a deep variant, like before
  • World generation should stay the same, but old chunks will only have normal oceans


They look so cool. Sea for yourself!

  • Caves under the ocean are 50% more humid
  • Ravines will appear in all oceans
  • Some ocean ravines cut deep, exposing lava to the seas


Adding features on a thursday? That’s fishy.

  • There are currently 3 types of fish: cod, salmon, puffer fish
  • Cod will spawn in moderate oceans (cold/normal/lukewarm)
  • Salmon will spawn in frozen/cold oceans and rivers
  • Puffer fish will spawn in lukewarm/warm oceans
  • Fish need water to live. Life pro tip!
  • Cod and salmon are very social and prefer to swim in groups
  • You can catch fish with a water bucket, but be kind to them!
  • Fish aren’t complete yet, we have more changes coming soon!


I can see clearly now, the water’s gone!

  • Respiration & Water Breathing will no longer directly change your visibility underwater
  • You can see better the longer you stay underwater
  • If you go back out of water, you’ll quickly lose your water vision


  • MC-122000 – Items get deleted when the inventory is overflowed by using the recipe book to return items from a crafting table.
  • MC-124299 – /give command: Items on ground for a long time not able to pick up
  • MC-124948 – /enchant can be used by non-ops
  • MC-125451 – Crash when logging into multiplayer without logging into singleplayer first


  • MC-124896 – Testing for a score of x or a minimum of x doesn’t work in execute if/unless score
  • MC-124909 – Taking an item out of the output slot of the furnace will give the player the recipe for the item in the input slot
  • MC-124963 – Clicking into the first 7 inventory slots cancels smelting recipe preview
  • MC-125352 – Dried kelp block can’t be crafted
  • MC-125451 – Crash when logging into multiplayer without logging into singleplayer first
  • MC-125961 – Furnace experience reward depends on item in cooking slot, rather than output slot


To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Launch Options” tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar: Minecraft server jar

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