Minecraft Snapshot 18w06a

Minecraft Snapshot 18w06a
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Todays snapshot brings in a complete rewrite of how world generation works behind the scenes, so that we can do some really cool things with it in the future & speed it up dramatically. It may be quite unstable in this first snapshot though, so as always: do not open worlds you care about in a snapshot without having a backup first. We can almost guarantee that any world opened in this snapshot will not work in the full 1.13 release.


  • Re-added /enchant command
  • Added a recipe book for the furnace
  • Rewrote the world generation system
  • Added command suggestions for entity selectors
  • Allow whitespaces in entity selectors & blockstate arguments
  • Added new item & block tags


Now there’s a recipe book for the furnace! Exactly like the existing crafting recipe books, you can unlock recipes as you play through the game and they will automatically appear in your recipe book for smelting. Mapmakers can customize the recipes with data packs, which allows them to add or completely change furnace recipes. “Fuel”, the items that can be burned in a furnace, is not included in this and is still somewhat hardcoded currently.


We’ve spent the last few years (yes, years) rewriting the world generator completely from the ground up, and this snapshot finally has the first version that we have some kind of confidence in. It may not be much faster at first, but that’s because we’re playing it safe and want to just achieve “it works” before “it’s fast”. It might still be unstable, too, so watch out for that. It’s the very first snapshot with it in, after all!


… don’t work in this snapshot. Sorry. We have plans to re-add them in a much more extendible way, but unfortunately we were not able to have that ready yet. You will be unable to open any world of type “customized” in this snapshot, it will tell you to revert to an old version to play in those worlds.


It’s back how it was. We have shelved the /modifyitem idea that was supposed to replace /enchant and we will look into that again in a future update.


  • MC-77488 – TAB player list sorts player names based on ASCII values instead of alphabetically
  • MC-121641 – Impossible selector combinations don’t fail to build
  • MC-121644 – Recipe book tab sound plays twice
  • MC-121811 – NBT path parser might be too lenient
  • MC-121901 – Game crashes when there is closing square bracket without opening in command
  • MC-123482 – The ‘paintings.json’ recipe file does not use the ‘minecraft:wool’ tag
  • MC-124372 – Wrong/weird sorting order in tab-completion
  • MC-124635 – Cycling through tab suggestions starts at value after highlighted value even if highlighted value differs from currently chosen value
  • MC-124649 – Nether portals can no longer be activated from the side
  • MC-124681 – Tab suggestion erroneously suggests second closing square bracket on entity selectors
  • MC-124683 – Tab suggestion box for entity selector closing square bracket misaligned in certain situations
  • MC-124684 – Tab suggestion box for entity selectors don’t disappear when leaving the argument in an invalid state and beginning the next argument
  • MC-124695 – Flint and steel in a dispenser loses durability when not igniting


Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar: Minecraft server jar

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  1. David, Quite a bit I agree with here: 1. Howard”s role is poorly defined and as best can be understood is not working out. The bowler rotation business, which seems to have disappeared is one example. 2. Lehmann (and before him the Captain) as selectors is also a bad idea. As you say, players play, coaches coach and selectors select. 3. Also agree that I have concerns with Langer taking over the team after Lehmann. I too think that perhaps it”s time to have separate coaches for the different teams (or at least the T20 team). My concern is that WA has not won a Shield under his watch. He seems a much better short form coach, but I guess we”ll see (as it seems almost a certainty that he”ll be the next coach). I do disagree on a few things: 1. Sutherland”s best days are behind him. He was bizarrely absent from the pay dispute last year, even though I feel like as CEO he was far more suited to the negotiation than a board chairman. I also grow more and more concerned about the direction cricket is heading in and as the man at the top, ultimate responsibility rests with him. Fifteen plus years in the role is more than enough, it”s time to move on. 2. Not a fan of Hussey being a selector yet. I don”t like selectors having played with any current player. Hus played with Smith, Warner, Starc and even Cummins. He”ll have to wait at this stage.

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