Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 3

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We’re now feeling confident enough in the stability and feature-completeness of 1.14 – The Village & Pillage Update – that we’ve decided to enter the pre-release phase. Whilst we know that there are still bugs to be solved and polish to be added, we feel that this version is now good enough that we can ask you all to please help us test and find any issues for a smooth release in a few weeks. Remember to report anything you find to our bug tracker, or give feedback on new features over to our feedback website. It helps us immensely!


  • Fixed bugs


  • MC-137935 – Skeletons do not shoot player when seeking shelter from sun
  • MC-139446 – Sky light not recalculated when blocks placed in air with /fill command
  • MC-141990 – Cartography table does not update when cloning maps
  • MC-142134 – Light sources spontaneously not working in some chunks
  • MC-144107 – Miscalculation of camera position in windowed mode on Linux with KDE
  • MC-144111 – Foxes get stuck after pouncing
  • MC-144114 – Foxes can walk/slide while sleeping
  • MC-145944 – Villagers travel up water really quick
  • MC-145952 – Iron golem and villagers can leave their village
  • MC-146272 – Double screen bounce with new sneak/crouch changes
  • MC-146978 – Hero of the Village effect obtained naturally makes the player give off particles
  • MC-147305 – Player crouches with a delay
  • MC-147363 – “Villager disagrees” sound is played twice when right clicking a villager without trades
  • MC-147387 – Ravagers with a passenger won’t attack players and iron golems
  • MC-147646 – Mobs will go to village centers and attack the air
  • MC-147772 – Horses can glitch when moving up blocks
  • MC-147799 – Strange TNT behaviour
  • MC-147853 – Animals can not get out of water since 1.14-pre1
  • MC-147897 – Riding entities down elevation deals damage on dismount (again)
  • MC-147913 – Shearing Sheep doesn’t use Shears Durability
  • MC-148000 – Enchanted books cannot be disenchanted with the grindstone
  • MC-148031 – Spectator flying slows down in solid blocks
  • MC-148037 – Light Level decreases on Blocks as Y Level increases
  • MC-148045 – Same items types on ground don’t stack together
  • MC-148185 – Duplicate maps using cartography table


  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Some performance improvements


  • MC-123773 – Scrolling the hotbar on mac behaves weirdly starting in 18w01a
  • MC-133205 – Missing block with superflat preset “The Void”
  • MC-137581 – Destroyed shulker boxes are lost in creative mode
  • MC-138444 – Tall sea grass doesn’t drop sea grass when sheared
  • MC-140236 – Using the Grindstone on an item to remove enchants doesn’t reset the XP price to add enchants to it in an anvil
  • MC-140261 – When putting only one non-enchanted item in the grindstone GUI, the same item appears as the output
  • MC-141253 – Zombie villagers in certain biomes don’t spawn with their biome specific skins
  • MC-141990 – Cartography table does not update when cloning maps
  • MC-143410 – Wandering Trader and Trader Llama spawn in the void biome
  • MC-143998 – Switching in smoker between “Showing all” and “Showing smokable” does not work
  • MC-144242 – Foxes’ heads never move
  • MC-145738 – All town centers in village now generate in ground and creates many holes in superflat world
  • MC-145848 – Players can sleep in the same beds as villagers
  • MC-145916 – Food that can be planted cannot be eaten while targeting a block
  • MC-146251 – Farmer doesn’t look at plants when he is working
  • MC-146995 – Villagers don’t immediately replant crops
  • MC-147338 – Bright spots underwater – ocean lighting errors
  • MC-147565 – Foxes body model are 2 pixel higher when sleeping
  • MC-147566 – Baby fox hitbox is shifted
  • MC-147572 – Suspicious stews of saturation from shipwrecks and villagers still have a lasting effect
  • MC-147598 – Baby foxes don’t drop items they’re holding when they die
  • MC-147606 – Polar bear attack sound never changes pitch, even if the roar comes from a baby polar bear
  • MC-147654 – Baby fox’s head is off center
  • MC-147754 – Crash while opening world / while ticking entity: “IllegalStateException: POI data mismatch: already registered at ev{x=##, y=##, z=##}”
  • MC-147951 – Cartography Table does not Lock Maps


  • Fixed lots of bugs
  • Some optimizations
  • Inside optimize world screen there’s now an option to remove cached world data (e.g. height maps and light), so that it’s recomputed on the next load


  • MC-134755 – All short mobs drown just below the surface of water
  • MC-137451 – Mobs heads rotate super quickly when looking around
  • MC-138979 – Scaffolding switches quickly between entity and block when placed on some non-solid blocks
  • MC-139255 – Cave ambient sounds are not playing
  • MC-140936 – The tall grass in the plains village structures doesn’t take the block it spawns on into consideration
  • MC-142134 – Light sources spontaneously not working in some chunks
  • MC-142228 – Skylight shines through blocks
  • MC-142729 – Puffed puffer fishes with “NoAI” tag can shrink down
  • MC-142768 – Mobs can suffocate below blocks, if the eye height isn’t inside the collision box
  • MC-143112 – Duplicated files in village structure
  • MC-143591 – Spiders and cave spiders fly-climb
  • MC-143699 – Trader llamas won’t despawn
  • MC-144798 – Barrels always try to set their “open” state to false
  • MC-145031 – Crash while ticking barrel
  • MC-145766 – Iron golems spawning at an alarming rate
  • MC-146295 – Loom top texture is backwards
  • MC-146538 – Eye position for riptiding player is incorrect
  • MC-146800 – Villager can make the discount number of unstackable item more than 1
  • MC-146860 – Trading sometimes takes the full price instead of the discounted price when player has the Hero of the Village effect
  • MC-146919 – Drowned, fish and guardians are not spawning
  • MC-147031 – When a zombie wakes up a villager, the bed tag is still on occupied (occupied: true)
  • MC-147056 – Zombie villagers spawned with a zombie village move very fast
  • MC-147207 – hs_pid_error appears for no reason in snapshots.
  • MC-147227 – Shift-clicking an item out of the trading inventory instantly locks the trade
  • MC-147240 – Villagers can trade Arrows of Luck
  • MC-147268 – Villagers don’t run away from ravagers, pillagers, vindicators, evokers, zombies or husks
  • MC-147270 – Player can still move at normal speed and sprint while sneaking in a 1.5 blocks tall space
  • MC-147274 – Villager ‘Happy’ and ‘Angry’ particles not showing, even when particles are on ‘All’
  • MC-147298 – Arrow facing down with 0 degrees on both x z (basically straight down) cannot be picked up and play a sound on loop
  • MC-147305 – Player crouches with a delay
  • MC-147363 – “Villager disagrees” sound is played twice when right clicking a villager without trades
  • MC-147513 – Unable to focus anvil textfield by clicking
  • MC-147529 – Background is not dimmed for book or lectern
  • MC-147532 – Chunks stop loading after change view distance
  • MC-147538 – Cannot drag any slider in “Video Settings” options
  • MC-147560 – Mobs stop spawning over time if the render distance is less than 11
  • MC-147607 – Command block text field isn’t focused when opening the GUI anymore
  • MC-147642 – Narrator is toggled when typing in text fields
  • MC-147681 – X-ray with door and slab


To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Launch Options” tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:Minecraft server jar