Lithos:Core 32x

Lithos:Core 32x [1.6 – 1.9] Complete

Lithos:Core 32x [1.6 – 1.9] Complete
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  • Completely replaces all Default Textures
  • Familiar default-style appearance, but with attractive Detail
  • Lots of Random, Alternate Textures (without MCPatcher or Optifine!)
  • Random Mobs for most common mobs (MCPatcher or Optifine required)
  • Many subtle 3D improvements
  • Mod Support: 62 mods –the most common blocks of the most common mods
  • Consistent, easy to use GUI
  • Easy to read Font
  • Early Snapshot support

Why Another “Faithful” Pack?

I describe this pack as “faithful” because it usually tries to be faithful to the default style, not because it uses Vattic’s Faithful textures in any way. Vattic has done a great thing, especially in providing a standard and creating, organizing, and collecting so much content for mods.  But to my taste, Vattic’s Faithful pack is too literal — it replicates some of the less attractive and inconsistent aspects of the default textures, and while it adds more pixels doesn’t add more detail.


Mods Supported:

62 Mods in all including:

  • Thaumcraft – partial support
  • Biomes O’ Plenty – partial  support
  • ExtraBiomes XL – slight support
  • Tinker’s Construct – partial support
  • Eydamos Backpacks – partial support
  • Iron Chests – full support
  • Ender Storage – nearly full support
  • Ex Nihilo – nearly full support
  • The Barrels Mod – full support
  • Enchanting Plus – full support
  • Chest Transporter – full support
  • Better Grass & Leaves – partial support
  • RailCraft – partial support
  • Chisel Mod – slight support
  • Enviromine – slight support


  • Universal Ore Color Scheme Only: Ars, Magica 2, BuildCraft, Calclavia Core, Forestry, ICBM, Industrial Craft 2, Solitary Craft’s Ore Gen, Thermal Expansion, Tinker’s Construct
  • Villagers & Zombies Only: Mystcraft, Forestry, MineFactory Reloaded

Goals of the Lithos Texture Pack:

Obviousness, Consistency, Beauty

  1. Everything should be instantly recognisable to those familiar with default textures, or with the things in real life.
  2. Construction blocks should be very similar in color & brightness to default blocks, so color-schemes work the same way in default & Lithos.
  3. Each texture should be as appealing as possible, while the whole pack has a consistent style.


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