Dust2 (Counter-Strike) [PvP] download

Dust2 (Counter-Strike) [PvP]

Dust2 (Counter-Strike) [PvP]
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This is a perfect replica of Dust2 which is one of the most popular maps in Counter-Strike. It’s probably only going to be interested for people who have played Counter-Strike a lot and know the ins and outs of the map. It does include some redstone options in the beginning of the map which allow you to grab some gear and play as two different teams (Terrorists vs Counter-Terrorists). As mentioned above, this map is mainly for people who have played Counter-Strike, otherwise it will probably look quite boring (I’ll admit!). But whow, it really look very similar!


Dust2 (Counter-Strike) [PvP]Dust2 (Counter-Strike) [PvP]
Dust2 (Counter-Strike) [PvP]Dust2 (Counter-Strike) [PvP]

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