Cubix Resource Pack download

Cubix Resource Pack 1.11.2

Although it might not be the most popular resource pack available seeing as how it’s still sitting at just below a thousand downloads, Cubix is a pretty high-quality resource pack that you’ll want to try out if you want to enforce the blocky look of Minecraft. The defining characteristic of vanilla Minecraft is the fact […]

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Rubix Resource Pack 1.11.2

Rubix is an awesome resource pack that you’re no doubt going to love using if you feel that the vanilla art style of Minecraft is too noisy and you need something smooth and clean to make the experience easy on the eyes. A lot of Minecraft resource pack tend to implement innovative new art styles […]

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LIIE’s Resource Pack download

LIIE’s Resource Pack 1.11.2

Unlike some other resource packs which focus on changing only a few elements of Minecraft, LIIE’s Resource Pack makes everything in the game look different, from the grass in the dirt to the armor you wear when fighting against other players and monsters. Actually, the armor designs are pretty nice, especially the detailing on the […]

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