PlayerRenderHud Add-on

This is an addon which adds a 3D render of your character to the in-game screen. It will display anything that is visually related to your character. For example, the armor you are wearing and the weapon you’ve got in hand. It should work without problem for both iOS and Android. However, on Windows 10 I noticed that it […]

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Mine-NameTagBoss Add-on

This is an addon which implements eight different bosses in-game and all of them can be summoned by using name tags. Even though all of the bosses are incredibly dangerous, it’s actually quite lucrative to fight them since they drop some amazing loot which you would otherwise have to work several days in Minecraft to obtain. How to spawn […]

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Amazing Mobs add-on download

Amazing Mobs Add-on

The Amazing Mobs Add-on replaces 11 mobs in Minecraft Pocket Edition with some of the most amazing mythological creatures. Most of them you will be able to tame and keep as your pet. And some of them, such as the scorpion, you will be able to ride like a horse. Let one of these awesome companions join […]

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UFO Add-on

Finally – it’s confirmed! UFOs are real and you too can see them in-game just within a few minutes of playing. All of that is true for as long you use this addon. It implements a UFO (also known as a unidentified flying object or a flying saucer) which can be used by the player as a […]

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The Human Add-on download

The Human Add-on

The Human Addon turns some of the previous hostile mobs into humans who are now on the players side. This means that they will protect players instead of trying to harm them. This is their default behavior and as a result there is no taming involved. If one of these humans notice that a player is in […]

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GigaMobs Add-on download

GigaMobs Add-on

GigaMobs will completely change your perspective of chickens, pigs and other animals which previously have been smaller than yourself. This addon will make them larger, stronger and also run faster. Some of them you can ride such as chickens and rabbits. Almost all mobs have had their size modified and this makes the world look kind […]

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Godzilla Add-on

Godzilla is often referred to as the “King of the Monsters” and that title is probably the best one to describe this ancient creature. He’s much larger than any of the common mobs in Minecraft and his main (and also most destructive) power is his ability to shoot fireballs but he can also cause damage […]

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Toy Soldier Add-on

This is an addon which lets you build four separate armies of toy soldiers who will then fight each other in an epic battle. You can give them different roles on the battlefield by upgrading them to other classes. That makes it a game of great strategy, and especially so if you choose to use […]

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Mine-Furniture add-on download

Mine-Furniture Add-on

This is a really great addon which includes fifteen furniture and stained glass. Most furniture have a unique feature which make them stand out. For example, the radio can be used for playing songs and the fridge can be used for storing food items. But the main and most important part is the fact that […]

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