Alvoria's Sanity

Alvoria’s Sanity – [1.9]

Alvoria’s Sanity – [1.9]
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SANITY - 16x - 100% Complete - No Mods Required
Hello, and thanks for taking interest in my texture pack.

I created this pack, as I’d assume many texture pack authors do, because I grew tired of the default textures. Particularly, I don’t like how inconsistent they are from one texture to the next. This is particularly evident in the items. Some, like the food, are very detailed while others are very flat and have a restricted pallet.


To put it mildly, it was driving me crazy so I thought I’d make this pack to return to Sanity.



I wanted to get as close to a realistic look as I could while still keeping the pixilated charm of the default 16x resolution. I’ve also gone to great lengths to make sure that there’s no need to use any mods, like MCPatcher, if you don’t want to. I’m not going to make anyone mod their game if they don’t want to just to use my work. Of course I’ve added some optional extras for those who do use a texture-enhancing mod, but the changes are few and mostly subtle.


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