World Handler Mod for Minecraft 1.8

A big part of modding Minecraft is adding new commands to the game. Commands like /enderchest give players access to an indestructible enderchest bound to their account, and anyone who has ever played on a factions server is probably familiar with commands like /sethome and /home. But programming these new commands into Minecraft can be a tiresome process, especially for those who have never created a new command for the game before. The World Handler mod is a great tool for simplifying the making of commands because it does a few things you don’t see done by other mods all that often.


While you would normally be stuck putting in commands following a slash like the three outlined up above, the World Handler mod totally replaces Minecraft’s GUI to allow even those with no technical or java knowledge to start creating commands and making changes to the core gameplay of Minecraft. This mod is also good for making maps and much faster than doing things manually in Survival or Creative modes. The mod presents the power of the WorldEdit tool but it is quite a bit easier to use for people who haven’t done much modding in the past, so it’s preferable for first-time modders and map makers.


Sure, you have more control over how maps are generated in the latest version of Minecraft. But the World Handler mod allows you to tweak much more than just the width of rivers and the number of dungeons and villages that spawn in your world. This mod is compatible with current versions of Modloader as well as Minecraft Forge, so the majority of Minecraft players should be able to simply download and use it without any issues. That wide compatibility is a very nice feature and again, something you won’t find other mods doing all that often.

World Handler Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Changes to “Player” GUI.
  • Changes to “World Info” GUI.
  • Fixes to “Give Custom Item”.

How to install World Handler Mod?


  1. Run and follow the installation!


Before start: Make sure Minecraft Forge has already been installed

  1. Goto “%appdata%\.minecraft\mods”
  2. Copy the WorldHandler-[VERSION].jar in it
  3. Open up your Minecraft Launcher.
  4. Edit your profile
  5. Select Forge as your version
  6. Run Minecraft

Download Links for World Handler Mod

for Minecraft 1.8 – To open the main menu you must press the “C” key on your keyboard!


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