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Minecraft 1.12.x has been released and is now available for download

minecraft 15w46a snapshot

MineCraft snapshot 15w46a

Here it is, this week’s snapshot, going by the fancy name “15w46a” is now available. There are still a lot of bugs open on our bugtracker that need to be taken care of before we can release version 1.9 of Minecraft, but with each of these snapshots we are getting a little bit closer to […]

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Minecraft Snapshot Preview

15w47b 2015-11-18 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w46a 2015-11-12 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w45a 2015-11-05 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w44b 2015-10-30 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w43c 2015-10-23 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w42a 2015-10-14 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w41b 2015-10-07 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w40b 2015-09-30 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w39c 2015-09-23 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w38b 2015-09-17 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w37a 2015-09-10 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w36d 2015-09-04 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 15w35e 2015-08-28 Download: client.jar […]

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MineCraft Stable Releases

1.8.8 2015-07-27 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 1.8.7 2015-05-06 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 1.8.6 2015-05-25 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 1.8.5 2015-05-22 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 1.8.4 2015-04-17 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 1.8 2014-09-02 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 1.7.10 2014-05-14 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 1.7.9 2014-04-14 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 1.7.5 2014-02-26 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 1.7.4 2013-12-09 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar 1.7.2 2013-10-25 Download: client.jar Download: server.jar […]

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minecraft snapshot 15w44b

MineCraft snapshot 15w44b

Update: We’ve released a ‘b’ snapshot making End Crystals, End Rods and Tipped Arrows properly obtainable in Survival. In addition, it fixes numerous bugs and some crashes. We’ve come a long way, but we’re finally approaching The End of the 1.9 snapshot series and are starting to work closer towards a full release. We’ve now […]

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