Minecraft Snapshot 18w03a

This weeks snapshot brings some performance boosts for data pack loading & command execution. We’re moving offices next week, so there may a bit of silence surrounding snapshots as we settle down and figure out where the new best pizza place is. Priorities, you understand.


  • Updated the horse model again
  • Applied new translations from crowdin
  • Improved performance of command parsing & data pack loading
  • Improved performance of command execution
  • Allow /data get ... something to work on non-numeric values
  • Added commands to the profiler (/debug)
  • Added /particle <name> <pos> shortcut for when you really don’t need much else
  • Fixed bug MC-122196 – Language options are blank
  • Fixed bug MC-123285 – Crash on startup with a debug log4j config
  • Fixed bug MC-123790 – “italic”:false in custom item names does not make name non-italic
  • Fixed bug MC-124072 – performance problems with “execute” command
  • Fixed bug MC-124113 – Ender dragon boss health bar shows incorrect name
  • Fixed bug MC-124115 – The summon command suggests “minecraft:player” and “minecraft:fishing_bobber”
  • Fixed bug MC-124116 – execute positioned as <entity> run <command> returns Unexpected error
  • Fixed bug MC-124120 – “execute rotated as” gives an unexpected error
  • Fixed bug MC-124122 – Zipped datapacks cannot be loaded
  • Fixed bug MC-124124 – /teleport … facing … is not working correctly
  • Fixed bug MC-124138 – local coordinates (^ ^ ^5) require an entity even after execute-facing
  • Fixed bug MC-124150 – Entity related server warning messages output TextComponent / TranslatableComponent object rather than the entity’s name
  • Fixed bug MC-124179 – Translations are displayed UTF-8 encoded
  • Fixed bug MC-124222 – When using /execute store or if/unless score, execute sub-commands only run (for each entity), if store/score entity selector finds at least one entity for each execution
  • Fixed bug MC-124256 – Gamerule reducedDebugInfo required a relog
  • Fixed bug MC-124286 – Crash on “show_entity” hover event with nbt as value

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar: Minecraft server jar


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