Minecraft Aristois 1.14.x Hacked Client

Aristois is a community-driven mod, which means you as user have a say in what goes into the mod. Both parties would lose if we only added what we thought was useful, so we aim to develop this mod and take in all suggestions by our community to make it the best. We have one of the friendliest mc modding communites out there; join our Discord and chat with us, leave feedback, etc. Make sure to also follow us on social media for the latest news about what’s happening with the mod. We have amazing support who will help you with all your needs and issues with the mod.

Aristois is an extremely capable Minecraft cheat that will allow you to enjoy playing with cheats on your favorite server. Bed wars, mini-games – now you don’t care for all this, because you have Aristois cheat!

This version is adapted to Minecraft 1.14.

This Minecraft ARISTOIS cheat client for version 1.14 easily circumvents the protection of large Minecraft servers, and many of them have already been hacked into European servers, since even the largest projects were not insured against all functions of the ARISTOIS client cheat.

How to use Aristois Hacked Client?

GUI -. Right Shift
Commands = .help
IRC Help = #info
Keybind: .setbind [mod] [key]

About Realms Hacked Client – Aristois:

Tab-Gui – Tab gui for the modules
Hud – The onscreen hud showing info
Active-Mods – Displays your active mods on screen
Saturation-Display – Displays your saturation in the hotbar
Better-Nametags – Better nametags for players
Flight – Allows you to fly on servers without anticheats
Speed – Allows you to move faster, works on boats/horses too
Chat-Mute – Mutes the ingame Minecraft chat
Auto-Tool – Automatically picks the best tool when you break a block and weapon when you hit an entity
Panic-Mode – Temporarily removes all traces of the client
Chatcolor – Allows you to use color codes like &c in chat [Client only]
Criticals – Criticals on every hit
Killaura – Automatically hits near entites
No-Fall – Prevents fall damage
Triggerbot – Automatically hits the entity you are looking at
Bow-Aimbot – Automatically aims your bow at nearby entites
Fullbright – Makes the world brighter
BHop – Makes you jump with an increased speed while walking
Timer – Speeds up/Slows down the game
XRay – Allows you to see ore in the ground
Block-ESP – Draws an outline around selected blocks
Anti-AFK – Walks around randomly to prevent you from being kicked
Waypoints – Draws a line to your set waypoints
Nuker – Nukes chosen blocks around you
Prophunt-ESP – Allows you to see players on some servers in the prophunt minigame
Goto – Walks automatically to selected coordinates
Truesight – Allows you to see invisible entities
RGB-Enchantments – Makes your enchantments rainbow colored
Anti-Slowdown – Prevents slowdown on soul-sand, webs and eating/using a bow
Freecam – Allows you to move around freely
Anti-Knockback – Prevents knockback from other players and explosions
Reach – Allows you to reach further
Jetpack – Fly like you had a Jetpack
No-Weather – Disables weather (Snow, Rain, etc)
Anti-Blind – Removes effects such as nausea
Inventory-Walk – Allows you to walk while in the inventory
Auto-Armor – Automatically puts on the best armor
Auto-Disconnect – Automatically leaves a server when your health is low
Auto-Eat – Automatically eats when you’re hungry
Auto-Soup – Automatically eats soup
Auto-Splashpot – Automatically uses splash potions under you
Safe-Walk – Don’t fall off blocks
Auto-Reconnect – Automatically reconnects you to a server if you are disconnected
Automatic-Bow – Hold your right mouse button to automatically fire arrows with a bow
Auto-Fish – Automatically fishes
Radar – Shows nearby entites on your screen
Auto-Mine – Automatically mine the block you are looking at
Auto-Walk – Walks for you automatically
Auto-Parkour – Automatically jump at the edge of blocks
Auto-Totem – Automatically use a totem of undying when falling/dying in pvp
Auto-Steal – Automatically steals all content in chests
Armor-Hud – Draws your current armor above your hotbar
Mini-player – Draws a mini version of you in the right corner
Auto-Sneak – Always sneak
Boat-Fly – Allows you to fly in boats
Horse-Fly – Allows you to fly with horses
Extra-Elytra – Fly for a unlimited time with a elytra
Fast-Ladders – Allows you to climb ladders faster
Glide – Makes you glide instead of falling
Jesus – Allows you to walk on water and lava
Auto-Sprint – Always sprint
Scaffold-Walk – Automatically place blocks infront of you when walking
Spider – Allows you to climb up walls
Water-Jump – Jump on water as if it were a trampoline
Anti-Slipperiness – Removes slipperiness effect from blocks like ice
Bunny-Jump – Allows you to jump higher
Step – Increases your step height
Trajectories – Draws a line where things like arrows will land
Breadcrumbs – Leaves a trail after you when you walk
Fast-Place – Removes the delay when placing blocks
Fast-Break – Allows you to break blocks faster
Auto-Respawn – Automatically respawn after dying
Derp – Makes you derp around
Regen – Regenerates your hearts faster. Requires full hunger bar.
Anti-Fire – Prevent damage from fire. requires full hunger bar.
Middle-Click-Friends – Middleclick players to add them as a friend
Annoy – Repeats messages sent by a player
Chat-Spammer – Spams a message of your choice
Unfocused-CPU – Limits FPS when Minecraft is unfocused
Name-Protect – Hides your name in chat, client side only!
Skin-Blinker – Toggles your skin layers on and off
Twerk – Twerk like Miley Cyrus
Blink – Allows you to “teleport” up to 10 blocks
Fancy-Chat – Makes your chat messages fancy, can bypass chat filters
Dinnerbone – Turns you upsidedown, client side only
Hacker-Detector – Detects hackers near you
Message-Movement – Send chat messages of what you do
Infinity-Chat-Length – Allows you to send longer chat messages
Ghost-Hand – Allows you to reach blocks behind walls
Auto-Eject – Automatically throws out blocks you don’t want
Auto-Sign – Automatically puts text on a sign you place
Phase – Allows you to glitch trough blocks on NCP servers
Player-ESP – Draws a outline of all players near you
Mob-ESP – Draws a outline of all mobs near you
Item-ESP – Draws a outline of all items near you
Chest-ESP – Draws a outline of all chests near you
Player-Tracer – Draws a line to players near you
Chest-Tracer – Draws a line to chests near you
Prophunt-Tracer – Draws a line to fake blocks in prophunt games

How to install Aristois Hacked Client?

Windows Installation

  • Download and extract the zip file.
  • Close Minecraft (if open).
  • Navigate to:
  • Move the extracted aristois folder to:
  • Open the Minecraft launcher.
  • Click on “New Profile”.
  • Settings:
    • Profile Name: aristois
    • Use version: release aristois
  • Save Profile.
  • Choose the newly created profile “aristois″ and click “Play”.

Mac installation

  • Download and extract the zip file.
  • Close Minecraft (if open).
  • Navigate to:
  • Move the extracted aristois folder to:
  • Open the Minecraft launcher.
  • Click on “New Profile”.
  • Settings:
    • Profile Name: aristois 
    • Use version: release aristois 
  • Save Profile.
  • Chose the newly created profile “aristois″ and click “Play”.

Linux Installation

  • Download and extract the zip file.
  • Close Minecraft (if open).
  • Navigate to:
  • Move the extracted aristois folder to:
  • Open the Minecraft launcher.
  • Click on “New Profile”.
    • Settings:
    • Profile Name: aristois
  • Use version: release aristois
  • Save Profile.
  • Chose the newly created profile “aristois” and click “Play”.

Download links Aristois Hacked Client:

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