Minecraft 1.13 Pre-Release 5

The second pre-release for Update Aquatic is now available!


  • New Update Aquatic title screen
  • Three brand new pieces of music by C418
  • You can now tab-complete in command blocks again
  • Fixed bugs!


  • Title screen should now be more optimised
  • Reverted the bark block changes from the first pre-release
  • Various performance optimisations
  • You can now combine 9 ice to create 1 packed ice
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs


  • Lots and lots of bug fixes!
  • Some optimizations!


  • Updated LWJGL
  • Biome names are now sorted alphabetically in the buffet menu
  • Performance improvements
  • Bugs got fixed!


  • Fixed a nasty crash
  • Renamed a lot of internal IDs to be more consitent with the game
  • Squashed bugs!


  • MC-122134 – Tab-completion in command blocks no longer works
  • MC-122940 – After executing the /reload command, clicking on recipe book recipes does not work
  • MC-124123 – Crash upon loading world: Non [a-z0-9/._-] character in path of location: minecraft:Zombie
  • MC-124972 – Game crashes during the loading world, when creating a superflat world with oceanmonument tag
  • MC-127142 – Failed to create block entity DUMMY (path of location: minecraft:DUMMY)
  • MC-129625 – Sea grass changes to air pockets when upgrading from 18w16a to 18w20a+
  • MC-130463 – Sponges do not absorb bubble columns
  • MC-130521 – Leaves placed by hand disappear if not touching log or bark after a reload


  • MC-35856 – Multiple background songs playing at one time / automatic music overlap (not Jukebox music)
  • MC-102403 – Persistent/unchangeable sounds after (re-)opening a world
  • MC-121628 – Horse armor textures z-fighting.
  • MC-121714 – Unable to save screenshots and world icons if the path contains non-ASCII characters
  • MC-121832 – Z-fighting on skeleton horse texture
  • MC-122864 – Tamed llamas, donkeys, and mules cannot be named with a name tag
  • MC-123007 – Z-fighting on zombie horse texture
  • MC-123366 – Item right click actions don’t work whilst looking at a block in adventure mode
  • MC-123811 – Horses (and llamas, etc) show default name as “HorseChest”
  • MC-124364 – Horse skin and armor textures not applied correctly to horse model
  • MC-125363 – Items fail to remain on surface
  • MC-125744 – Entity predicates for advancements fail if “type” not specified
  • MC-127099 – Kelp isn’t completely removed when sponge removes the water
  • MC-127320 – Drowned do not recognize tridents as weapons they can pick up
  • MC-127921 – Horses’ health bars interfere with the air bubble bar.
  • MC-128241 – Dolphins can sit in boats
  • MC-129262 – Zombie horses don’t sink in water like other undead mobs
  • MC-129374 – Crash on 32 bit JVMs: “Unable to bootstrap datafixers” due to stack overflow
  • MC-129500 – Map displays 1 deep water as dry land.
  • MC-129712 – Team Suffix resets after restarting world
  • MC-129895 – Concrete powder’s falling sand entities lose NBT data when upgrading from 1.12.2 to snapshots
  • MC-130014 – When updating villagers trade carved pumpkin instead of pumpkins
  • MC-130059 – Bubble column particles (from falling) have missing texture
  • MC-130145 – Text over the hotbar does not reflect item rarity colours
  • MC-130200 – Items in saved creative toolbars upgrade improperly from 1.12.2 to 1.13-pre1
  • MC-130524 – Beds turn invisible when upgrading from 1.11.2 or below
  • MC-130577 – Armor doesn’t always line up with Drowned model
  • MC-130722 – Slime blocks diffuse light
  • MC-130779 – Title-Screen Lag High GPU Usage
  • MC-130800 – Normal terracotta disappears from chests when upgrading from 1.12 to 1.13-pre1
  • MC-130858 – Pistons are no longer transparent
  • MC-130936 – Carpets on llamas removed when loading 1.12 map
  • MC-130942 – Errors, warnings and 10 second freeze on loading list of singleplayer worlds
  • MC-130945 – Command tab completion does not work in command blocks with command suggestions off
  • MC-131125 – InhabitedTime set to zero after update from 1.12.2 (Local Difficulty)
  • MC-131155 – Saving structure which has not been saved before logs error “Couldn’t load structure”


  • MC-131706 – Water doesn’t destroy carpet
  • MC-131633 – Mobs get stuck on carpet
  • MC-131458 – Cobwebs don’t appear on maps
  • MC-131419 – Squids, fish, and dolphins don’t suffocate on land
  • MC-131416 – Conversion of a 2013 world crashes as of 1.13
  • MC-131400 – Structure names allow trailing dots for folder names
  • MC-131343 – Crash when clicking on a recipe in the recipe book without sufficient ingredients
  • MC-131154 – Resource locations allow empty path pieces
  • MC-130778 – End return portals don’t return you to the centre End Island
  • MC-130690 – EntityTag for spawn eggs is not working
  • MC-130667 – Flowing water freezes in frozen biomes.
  • MC-130554 – Waterlogged blocks have a full cube hitbox
  • MC-130486 – Side of water and lava not rendered besides non-full-height blocks
  • MC-130475 – Boats immediately sink when placed on water
  • MC-130374 – vSync turns off in fullscreen mode
  • MC-130169 – Enchanted items with capitals in enchantment ID cause crash (path of location: minecraft:Cookie)
  • MC-129526 – Grass and ferns don’t show up on a map
  • MC-128558 – Swamp Hills (mutated_swampland) biomes have wrong colored water (light yellow)
  • MC-128237 – Conduits, kelp, coral (fans), and tall grass have full hitboxes
  • MC-128071 – Desert rabbits were the wrong color, but now they are missing
  • MC-127720 – Baby horses have long necks
  • MC-127326 – Rain splash particles don’t appear on the surface of the water
  • MC-127109 – Nether caves under lava oceans don’t fill up with lava properly
  • MC-127044 – Waterlogged blocks don’t move entities if the water in them is flowing
  • MC-126809 – minecraft:exploration_map loot table function only works on block containers
  • MC-126138 – No rain sound in ocean
  • MC-126038 – Observers getting moved in “on” state rather than “off” state
  • MC-125644 – Dispenser filled with bone meal cannot create sea grass
  • MC-124876 – Villagers requesting tools with no damage provided specifically want Damage:0
  • MC-124325 – Nested /execute commands can only store success/result once
  • MC-124174 – Game crash when give yourself an item with empty name
  • MC-124025 – Terracotta, spawn egg and entity statistics are lost on world upgrade
  • MC-123362 – SuccessCount of command blocks use the “result” return value of a command instead of “success”
  • MC-123011 – Scores on scoreboard objectives created with old stats causes scoreboards to not store changes to scoreboard.dat
  • MC-122498 – Some advancements and recipes are not upgraded when opening world in 17w47+
  • MC-35856 – Multiple background /title songs playing at one time / automatic music overlap (not Jukebox music)
  • MC-258 – Most text boxes / chat / scroll bars revert when the window changes size, fullscreen mode is toggled, or fullscreened game is tabbed into


  • MC-36030 – Music playing despite music / jukebox slider set to OFF
  • MC-121798 – Can only scroll list in superflat preset selection when it is focused
  • MC-126162 – Waterlogged blocks and bubble columns don’t absorb explosion damage
  • MC-126244 – Extreme lag when using the /locate command or when generating explorer maps
  • MC-126595 – Blue Wither heads are intangible and invincible on the first tick(s?)
  • MC-128299 – Blocky and fully bright areas appearing underwater
  • MC-128690 – Water does not flow sideways when there’s no block below it
  • MC-130270 – Iron golem spawning inside blocks
  • MC-130530 – Water source block gets destroyed from downwards flowing water
  • MC-131094 – Projectiles ignore collisions for ~1 block after spawned
  • MC-131462 – Coordinate math error causes structure not to generate and possibly other issues
  • MC-131768 – Models’ predicates are inverted
  • MC-131773 – Comparators from command blocks no longer output results properly
  • MC-131805 – Observers pulsing after being moved instantly after triggering
  • MC-131825 – Enchanted books lose enchantments when upgrading
  • MC-131849 – Duplication bug


  • MC-103516 – Spider and chicken jockeys only spawn the additional mob
  • MC-118372 – Faulty netty-4.1.9.Final release causes players to be kicked from the server
  • MC-124545 – Malformed JSON as ‘name’ value for ‘show_entity’ hoverEvent causes crash
  • MC-124546 – /datapack disable only works in the overworld
  • MC-125729 – Moving frosted ice preempts melting even under correct conditions
  • MC-126136 – Inverted tab-suggestions for argument values in entity selectors are suggested even if the typed prefix doesn’t include an exclamation mark
  • MC-126144 – Cods suffocate when touching a solid block from below
  • MC-126373 – Density of nether and overworld ore veins significantly lower in 18w versions
  • MC-126906 – Buckets cannot be emptied against blocks with the state waterlogged
  • MC-126915 – Dispenser with empty bucket removes waterlogged blocks instead of drying them out.
  • MC-129527 – Drowned overlay turns dark blue when wearing enchanted armor
  • MC-130270 – Iron golem spawning inside blocks
  • MC-130480 – Input range entry and limits are reversed in error messages
  • MC-130547 – Objective minecraft.used only ticks up when placing a block from a stack of 2 or more items
  • MC-131094 – Projectiles ignore collisions for ~1 block after spawned
  • MC-131599 – Opening player inventory with visible recipe book after using beacon causes crash
  • MC-132002 – Ender dragon respawns when upgrading from 1.12 to 1.13-pre3
  • MC-132064 – Swimming state does not end when teleporting / jumping out of water


To install the pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Launch Options” tab.

Pre-releases can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar: Minecraft server jar


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