How to install Minecraft PE maps for IOS

1. Begin by downloading iFunBox to your computer. It’s a free file manager application which work for both Windows and Mac computers. Run the installation file and install the application on your computer.

2. Plug in your iOS device into your computer using the data connection cord (cable).

3. Click here to find a map on MCPE DL and then download it.

4. Start the iFunBox application which you recently installed on your computer. Click “File Browser” in the top-left corner.


5. Double-click your device in the left sidebar. In this case the device’s name is Joe’s iPhone | iPhone 4S on USB (Jailed).

Then click on “User Applications”.


6. Click the Minecraft PE icon.


7. Select Open Sandbox.


8. Double-click the games folder.


9. Double-click the com.mojang folder.


10. Double-click the minecraftWorlds folder (hover over a folder’s name to see full name if it isn’t visible).


11. Here is a list of all your worlds. A world is the same as a map. Find the map which you previously downloaded from the maps section on MCPE DL and copy-and-paste it here.

Downloaded maps are by default downloaded to USER > Downloads both on Windows and Mac. Usually maps are compressed zip files when downloaded.

Mac can open zip files by clicking on them. To open rar files you will need WinRAR. Windows can only open compressed files (zip or rar) by using WinRAR.

You should only paste the map folder into your minecraftWorlds folder.







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