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Crack the Brain Map download

Crack the Brain Map

The agency has brought you back to find the 5th FlashDRIVE! They sent you in to explore the hackers bedroom! You must find the location of the Hackers FlashDRIVE! Make your way around the map doing parkour, elytra skill flying, a maze, find the buttons and other adventure areas! The agency will be giving helpful […]

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The 4 Walls Map download

The 4 Walls Map

4 Levels With 4 Walls. Sounds Simple Right? The 4 Walls Map 1.11.2 for Minecraft is a vertical parkour map in which you are always climbing up the side of a wall. There are four levels: Iron, Gold, Diamond and Emerald. In terms of difficulty, iron is easy, gold is medium, diamond is hard and […]

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Story Mode Redstonia Map download

Story Mode Redstonia Map

This is from a map of a Vanilla Minecraft recreation of a scene in Redstonia from the game Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 2 by Telltale Games. The entire scene is playable and features tons of interactions and cutscenes with full voice and music via a fully fleshed out resource pack. Story Mode Redstonia Map […]

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Ski Resort Map download

Ski Resort Map

Features: Ride chairlifts, gondolas, and pomas. Ski on over 65 runs. Play several mini-games to earn money. Upgrade ski boots to ski faster. How to Ride Lifts The resort has 9 lifts. They give access to several mini-games and runs. To get in a lift, gondola, poma, or even bus, the trick is to have […]

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Arc of Nisyros Map

Arc of Nisyros is my largest project to date: 25 square kilometers of Conquest Reforged terrain. It took me three and a half weeks to complete, between custom objects, World Machine, and WorldPainter. It was made in response to the need on my home server, Conquest Reforged, for a new map to build on. I […]

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