Minecraft Pocket Edition

Water Jungle Temple

Here’s a great seed which spawns you in a huge jungle biome. Even though there are some quite amazing hills here it’s primarily the jungle

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PlayerRenderHud Add-on

This is an addon which adds a 3D render of your character to the in-game screen. It will display anything that is visually related to

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Mine-NameTagBoss Add-on

This is an addon which implements eight different bosses in-game and all of them can be summoned by using name tags. Even though all of the

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Amazing Mobs add-on download

Amazing Mobs Add-on

The Amazing Mobs Add-on replaces 11 mobs in Minecraft Pocket Edition with some of the most amazing mythological creatures. Most of them you will be able to

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UFO Add-on

Finally – it’s confirmed! UFOs are real and you too can see them in-game just within a few minutes of playing. All of that is true

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The Human Add-on download

The Human Add-on

The Human Addon turns some of the previous hostile mobs into humans who are now on the players side. This means that they will protect

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GigaMobs Add-on download

GigaMobs Add-on

GigaMobs will completely change your perspective of chickens, pigs and other animals which previously have been smaller than yourself. This addon will make them larger,

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Godzilla Add-on

Godzilla is often referred to as the “King of the Monsters” and that title is probably the best one to describe this ancient creature. He’s

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Toy Soldier Add-on

This is an addon which lets you build four separate armies of toy soldiers who will then fight each other in an epic battle. You

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Mine-Furniture add-on download

Mine-Furniture Add-on

This is a really great addon which includes fifteen furniture and stained glass. Most furniture have a unique feature which make them stand out. For

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Auxiliary Map [Adventure]

Auxiliary is the long away sequel to Genisys which by the way is another highly recommended map to those of you who haven’t played it already.

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Blue City Map download

Blue City Map [Creation]

Hotels, bank, museums and ancient temples are just a few of the structures which you will find in this amazing city. No space has been left empty.

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